Portable Toilet FAQs

Everyone has probably used a porta potty at some point in their life, but far fewer have ever had to order one themselves. If you’ve never been in charge of sanitation logistics for an event or construction site, you probably have plenty of questions about portable toilets and related services. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about porta potties.


Is there a minimum or maximum length of time I can rent a porta potty for?

No! Rental durations start at one day and, in many cases, can be extended indefinitely through the end of your project or event.

How far in advance do I need to submit my rental order?

Generally, we ask for two days' notice. In certain circumstances we can accommodate last minute requests, but to ensure that we are able to get in touch with our local vendors and confirm availability, giving us at least 48 hours of notice gives us the best chance to service your order.


What do sanitation services entail?

Sanitation servicing includes cleaning and sanitizing each unit, pumping out the tanks, and restocking necessities like toilet paper and hand soap. Also, if need be, we are able to relocate your units to a different part of your site. We include one weekly servicing visit with every order, but you can request additional servicing for an extra fee per day.

Where am I allowed to place my units?

If you are on private property, you can place your units just about anywhere, so long as they are accessible and on flat, stable ground. If you are hosting something on public property, you may need a permit before we can place your toilet rentals.

Your sanitation team came today and our units smell fresh! How did you do that so quickly?

Our providers go through extensive measures to clean each unit. The inner bowl is cleaned and a special detergent that doubles as a deodorizer is added to the water. This keeps the unit smelling fresh while also killing germs that otherwise could be airborne.

It’s supposed to snow this weekend—should I be worried about our waste freezing?

Fear not. The special blend of detergent mentioned above contains antifreeze, so the liquid you see in the tank will remain unfrozen, even if your unit is outdoors!

We’re expecting high winds in the area. What happens if they knock a unit over?

If one of your rental units falls over, call our team as soon as possible. We will send a local dispatcher over to help take care of the mess. If necessary, they may move the unit to avoid more accidents.

Do I need to have an ADA-compliant portable toilet on site?

In many cases, yes. The law states that 5% of portable toilets at an event or construction site must be ADA-compliant, or there should at least be one for every cluster of units. Our ADA-accessible porta potties meet every regulation.

These are just a few of our porta potty FAQs. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at PPT phone number. Take care!